Building Science/Energy Efficiency Consulting

Quick Assessment

EHofVt can profide you with our quick assessment services. With this service we charge a flat fee to look over your plans and give advice which is based upon years of Building Science analysis and Energy Efficiency work with new construction as well as existing buildings

HBRANV Special

In depth Analysis and Modeling

We provide more comprehensive consulting as well, from quick scans through to Passive House Consulting for an entire project including Passive House Certification with either Passive House International or Passive House Institute

EH of Vt works closely with many experts and players in the super insulated home industry in Vermont including:

  • Efficiency Vermont
  • Vermont Passive House
  • Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont
  • Passive House Institute in Germany
  • Passive House Institue US
  • NYPH
  • Vermont Green Building Network
  • And others

Passive House Consulting

  • • We have been providing Passive House Consulting services since our start in 2010. Our company has been the primary Energy Consultant and Passive House consultant on many projects in Vermont and around the region and country.
  • • Our Passive House Consulting can be as the lead consultant or as a supporting consultant as required
  • • Our PH Consulting includes Building Energy Modelingincluding using WUFI Plus, WUFI Passive and the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).
  • • Contact us for more information about our PH Consulting services for professionals

Energy Modeling

  • • Are you working on a project and want to be able to tell your clients with confidence what the energy use of the building will be?
  • • Do you want supporting documentation about the heat load at various temperatures and to see what changes in your building design could mean for the size and type of heating system your HVAC contractor is planning?
  • • EHofVt can model any type of building, provided we are furnished with the information to build an energy model.
  • • The energy modeling software and experience of our team is shown to provide guidance in the Design Phase and early Construction Phase

Therm Calculations

EHofVt performs Therm calculations to determine the heat loss of various types of assemblies. We do this type of work for:

  • • Passive House Consultants who don’t want to do this work themselves
  • • Builders and Architects who want to employ Thermal Bridge Free construction and want to have calculations done to support their assemblies.
  • • We can do single Therm Calculations or multiple ones as you require

  • • EHofVt has been involved with many Passive House and near Passive House projects in the past in both the Single Family and Multifamily construction.
  • • Learn more about our past projects by visiting our