Own an Existing Home and want to improve it

Does Your house suffer from

  • Drafts?
  • Cold Spots?
  • Is it hard to keep warm in the winter and/ cool in the summer?
  • Have icicles hanging off of the roof?
  • Have mold or mildew problems?
  • Moisture on the windows?
  • High fuel bills?
List of house types and typical issues

The home energy assessment is like a doctor’s visit for
you home and the best place to start making your home
more comfortable, safe, healthy and energy efficient.

During an audit we check your:

  • Existing walls, windows, attic, and slab/basement
  • Look for building failure, moisture, mold, and premature destruction
  • Heating system
  • Ventilation system
  • Air tightness of house
  • Domestic hot water system
  • Structural issues (if visible)
  • Any areas of concern you may have and communicate (drafty places, spots
    which are hard to heat or cool, odors, moisture issues, etc).

Good time to get an Energy Assessment done on your house

  • Before you have a major renovation done
  • Before you have your heating system replaced
  • Before you have a new shingles or roof installed/replaced

Especially if you have cathedral ceillings

  • If you are having comfort issues
  • If your home is more expensive to heat than you
  • are comfortable with or think it should
Looking to go all the way ?

Our deep enery retrofits can make your house super energy efficient,Net Zero or
even Net positive!