Triangle of Energy Savings: Steps to apply energy savings and alternative energy systems
The Passive House systems uses a collection of systems which are high efficiency and can use renewable energy as their source of power.
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Second Step
Use sustainable energy systems like passive solar, heat pumps, balance ventilation.
Balance Ventilation with Heat Recovery:

This is a whole house ventilation system which supplies the home with fresh air, but the fresh air has been heated with the heat from the exhaust air.

The benefit of this system is that the cold fresh air which is brought into your home doesn't have to be heated by the heating plant so the size of the heating plant can be reduced.

With advanced units up to 95% of the heat is recovered! (more)

Photovoltaic panels (solar electricity):

Although not integral to the working of a Passive House, the use of PV panels can reduce the carbon footprint of a building. PV's are still very expensive and can increase the cost of a house by many tens of thousands of dollars.

We usually only include large numbers of PV panels at the request of a client. (more)

Solar Domestic Hot Water:

Using the sun to produce up to 70% of your yearly hot water for showering, dish washing, clothes washing, etc. These systems have been around for thirty years and are tried and true. Solar orientation of the house is important in placing these systems. (more)
Air to air heat pump:

An air-to-air heat pump, often called a split, is a highly efficient way to produce warmth for heating the house or to cover the 30% of the Domestic Hot Water demand that the Solar Domestic Hot Water system can't produce.

Though it may be hard to beleve air-to-air heat pumps are usually 250% efficient! This means that for every kiloWatt of electricity you put into it, it produces 2.5 kW of heat. The extra heat it can give us for heating our home comes from the tiny amounts of heat in the outside air as compared to the boiling point of the refrigerant it uses. (more)

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