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Shelburne House is under construction!
September 14, 2012
Construction on the Shelburne house is well under way. I visited today with Tom Moore, the builder on the project.

We are well under way. The project started in late August when the footprint was cleared and made ready for the foundation.

The foundation of this house is what is called a floating slab. This means that it doesn't have a frost wall going down into the ground. The whole construction is built on top of the ground.

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Because we have a super insulated building, all sides of the building need to be insulated, even where the building touches the ground. This building has 12" of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation under the slab.
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As part of the venitlation system we are installing a closed loop glycol system. This will take the 50F water under the house and run it past the incoming freezing air in winter. This will add heat to the air that is below freezing and warm it up so that the core of the Heat Recovery Ventilation doesn't freeze.

This loop can also be used in the summer to cool the house.

Notice the thick styrofoam on the perimeter. This will be the outer boundary of the foundation.
This is what the outside corner of the the foundation looks like now. You see the 12" of styrofoam and inside of that you can see the beginning of the slab. The foam blocks have been glued together to form one solid piece without any gaps.

Remember gaps lead to drafts. Drafts are just uncontrolled ventilation that the heating plant of the house needs to warm up.
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Tom Moore built this mock up of a window so that the builders could see how we want it to come together. The wall assembly is very thick and we need to make sure the windows are water tight.

Once the builders see how Tom wants them to build the window bucks (extensions) on this mock up then they can go and build all of the windows for the building the same.

That's all for now. More soon!
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