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Passive House Consulting
Do you have a project in development and are considering making it a cutting edge, energy efficient house or building?

We offer consulting services from one-time energy efficiency and design advice through to start-to-finish whole project consulting.
Thermal Analysis of Building Elements
There are many programs which will assist you in understanding the thermal properties of a wall construction or a roof construction. These are mostly spreadsheets where you tally up the R-values of the materials.

But what if your construction is more complex than a simplistic one dimensional sum of the components?

How are you modelling your roof-to-wall junctions and other changes in geometry and/or materials?

As we design houses that are more and more energy efficient every leakage of warmth through the construction becomes important.

A thermal bridge calculation can help you understand the heat flow and there are some very simple design fixes that don't cost any more than the conventional building systems.
Contact us to discuss how Thermal Analysis of your design can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals on your project.
Click here for more on Thermal Bridge Analysis and what it can do for you.
Chris West is a Certified Passive House Consultant through the Passive House Institue US and the Passive House International
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Chris West is a Certified Passive House Consultant
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