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Eco House is dedicated to a saner energy future for the housing sector.

It is clear that as energy costs increase the least affluent memeber of our society are hardest hit. They need the benefits of energy savings most of all of us.

We need to move as one towards the future of building science. Houses which are built in such a way that they use a fraction of the energy that our present houses do.

Owner and consultant, Chris West, is the sole proprietor of Eco Houses of Vermont, LLC. We work in conjunction with builders, architects, financial institutions and non-profit organizations to realise our goals.

Chris has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical College of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. He spent four years in Holland working as an energy consultant on houses and school buildings. Since moving back to the US after nine years in the Netherlands he is anxious to share what he learned there in the American market.