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Energy Savings Triangle: What is it and how does it help us in designing efficient homes?
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South Hero Passive House Moving Towards Final Tests
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Chris West is a Certified Passive House Consultant
Affiliated with the PHIUS and PHI 2015
This super insulated house has gone from a hole in the ground to being almost done in 9 months. The house is going for PHI certification. We are just weeks away from having the certification documents ready to go.

In the end this 4,200 sq ft house will have a heating load of only 15,000 Btu/hr at -18F!!! Most 2000 sq ft houses use more than 80,000 Btu/hr!
We hear it all of the time..."If I had only known about Passive House before I built my house I'd have built one!"

All to often we are approached to do an energy audit on a newly built home or a home that has had energy retrofits done to it. The owners lementing the fact that their builder, though very skilled in carpentry, just didn't understand the building science behind what they were doing and they did it wrong.

Applying modern building science concepts like treating the house as a system, understainding vapor drive and moisture movement in building assemblies and proper use and application of various insulations in various parts of the house is what is needed.

We at EHofVt are constantly educating ourselves about the newest in building science and learning from others in the super energy efficient building community. If you have a friend, relative, and other acquaintance who could benefit from a discussion with us about their project please ask them to contact us.
Do you know someone who is about to build a new house or is doing a Deep Energy Retrofit?
First Multifamily Passive House in Vt?
EHofVt is working with Duncan Wisniewski Architects on the design of Vermont's first Multifamily Passive House. Though the plan is to have this 30 unit Senior Living Residence hit the PHIUS Passive House standard, the design is still in the works.

Pre-certification subminssion is expected to take place in late September to early October. We'll keep you up to date on the developments.